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SQL Server 2016 Cloud Integration

SQL Server 2016 Is Faster Than Ever

SQL Server 2016 Cloud Integration

SQL Server 2016 integration with Microsoft’s own Azure Service is essential these days. SQL Server 2016 introduces Simplicity with new tools that make SQL Server migration to Microsoft Azure and hybrid scenarios even easier. It also aims to provide users a consistent experience while switching from on-premises to Microsoft Azure IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) & PaaS (Platform as a Service).

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In my previous blog posts, I have already spoken about Security Features, Performance EnhancementsBusiness Intelligence Features and SQL High Availability enhancements which you can read about.

Hybrid solutions

Stretch Database

As the name says, you can Stretch operational tables in a secure manner into Azure for lower TCO and a cost effective historic data availability. You can also make use of the new security features like Always Encrypted and Row Level Security.

Power BI with on-premises data

The Power BI Team provides you connectors which uses the REST API to do interactive query with an On-Premises Analysis Services. You do not need to open additional settings and the customer data can still stay behind your firewall. SQL Server 2016 Cloud Integration

With the introduction of the Enterprise Gateway, you can connect to both Tabular & Multi-Dimensional Data Models.

Hybrid Scenarios with SSIS

You now get native Azure Data Factory (ADF) integration with SSIS (Integration Services) and can connect SSIS to a cloud data source.

  • You can use ADF to orchestrate SSIS execution on-premises.
  • Developers can move data from on-Premise to Azure BLOB’s using the Azure Storage Connector
  • Developers can trigger Azure HDInsight jobs directly from SSIS in 2016 release.
Enhanced Backup to Azure

SQL Server 2016 Cloud Integration

Faster restore times and 50% reduction in storage, support larger DBs with Block blobs and custom backup schedule with local staging capability is added.

  • You now have Granular control of the backup scheduling.
  • Local staging support for faster recovery and resilient to transient network issues.
  • You can now take backup of system databases.
  • Support simple recovery mode.
Easy migration of on-premises SQL Server
  • Simplified point and click migration to Azure Services.SQL Server 2016 Cloud Integration
  • Simplified “Add Azure Replica Wizard” than SLQ 2014.
  • Automatic listener configuration for AlwaysOn
    in Azure VMs, without any manual configuration.

SQL Server 2016 Cloud Integration

There are several smaller features that might not be in this post, you can visit the Microsoft Official Blog to know more.

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